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Junior Development Camp

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Dev.camp() is a 2-week summer camp for middle school students interested in technology. Our team will teach your kids how to code by building their very own video games. Dev.camp() was built to empower students interested in technology to learn how to code and become leaders in the technology space. We hope to give students the resources and support to begin their journies into the world of software and have fun along the way!

What will students do?

Learn the fundamentals of computer programming including algorithmic thinking, conditional logic, for-loops, and Object-Oriented programming

Use the Phaser.js JavaScript library to build web-based animations and video games such as space invaders, asteroids, and tanks from scratch

Design their own video game idea from the ground-up. Learn about the design process and how to bring down their big project ideas into small, manageable chunks

Work with college and industry mentors to solve coding challenges related to their game design

Deploy their own live website and publish a completed web-based video game online for anyone to see!

Topics Covered

Computational Thinking and The Digital World

Getting an intuitive understanding is important when trying to learn Computer Science. Your student will gain a conceptual foundation for Computer Science by first learning the basis of computing: binary representations of data. They will also dive into how to break problems into smaller pieces, turning complex problems intro stepwise algorithms.

Javascript Programming

Javascript is becoming the most popular programming language to make websites. Our camp covers Javascript control flow, looping, and DOM manipulation.

Game Programming with Phaser

Phaser is a popular game-making framework for Javascript used by developers for popular apps and websites. Your kids will learn how to leverage the framework to build web-based video games that can be published anywhere on the web.

The Digital World

Have your kids ever asked “How does the internet work? Or “What is Artificial Intelligence?” or “How does Siri work”? Our camp counselors have the answers. We invite curiosity into our camp and will give your student the answers they need to inspire them to pursue further computer science education.

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Learn real coding skills to build a website, video game, or app


Work with current computer science students to build out your ideas


Present your projects to friends and family

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